Thursday, July 11, 2013

Liverwurst Nori Rolls

This might be my strangest recipe yet. Even stranger than Bacon Crusted Pumpkin Pie. When I was a kid I loved liverwurst sandwiches. Is that weird? If you're looking for a way to enjoy the health benefits of liver, but you don't like the odd texture, this recipe is for you. If you need a good sauerkraut recipe, checkout this one from Balanced Bites. I usually just make mine with cabbage and salt, but if you can't imagine eating liverwurst without rye bread, you can add rye seeds to your kraut.

2 Nori sheets
3 oz of liverwurst (I get mine from U.S. Wellness Meats)
1/2 cup sauerkraut
1/2 an avocado
Spicy mustard (to dip the rolls in)

You'll also need a small bowl with water and a rolling mat. In my Sardine Nori Roll recipe, there are step by step instructions on how to roll sushi. Or you can check out this link.

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